May 1-May 30, 2012:// Day 310-339:

Apparently this stupid challenge left it all out…

April 30, 2012:// Day 309:

what are the memories you have from second grade?

For like those little Student of the Week kinda deals, my teacher would take like a group of us every month to her house (she lived right next to school) and make us lunch. I just realized how bad this sounds.

Bringing my hamster to school.

Puppet shows.

Having no goddamn friends and becoming a teachers pet. I hate my life.

April 29, 2012:// Day 308:

 what are the memories you have from first grade?

Inviting my whole class for my birthday.

Watching Mulan at the party.

Making this weird tissue paper flower.

Milky Way from my teacher on my birthday.

April 28, 2012:// Day 307:

what are the memories you have when you think of kindergarten?

Dressing up as Sailor Moon for Halloween.

Loved my class in the private school.

Giant dog puzzle in the public school.

April 27, 2012:// Day 306:

what are the most distinct memories from preschool age and younger?

Going to Hawaii and dunking my head into the waves cause I wanted to see the waves -___-

April 26, 2012:// Day 305:

which grade was your favorite? why?


Didn’t do shittt at school

Went out all day errdayy

April 25, 2012:// Day 304:

 What is your favorite kind of soup?

Clam Chowderrr

April 24, 2012:// Day 303:

 last time you were sick, what did you have?


April 23, 2012:// Day 302:

post a picture of your makeup from today!


April 22, 2012:// Day 301:

who is your favorite actor/actress and why?



April 21, 2012:// Day 300:

your celebrity crush

  1. Megan Fox
  2. Josh Duhamel
  3. Patrick Dempsy
  4. Jeff Davis
  5. Eric Dane
  6. Eliza Dushku
  7. Arthur Darvill
  8. Karen Gillan
  9. Ed Westwick
  10. Francisco Lachowski

April 20, 2012:// Day 299:

who’s on the left of your locker who’s on the right? do you like them?

Happy 420

I’m in college.. I don’t have lockers.

But At work I think it’s Christina and Sherry?

But I share use to share a locker with CEG… and before that it was Jessica…

April 20, 2012:// Day 298:

do you like to dress up or dress down for school

Dress Down.

Shit’s too hard to dress up.

And plus I don’t go to school that often…

April 19, 2012:// Day 297:

 when did you start wearing makeup?

Like Junior High. But not like excessive makeup. Just here and there kinda stuff. I dabble.

April 18, 2012:// Day 296:

create a collage of your pictures you take in 1 day and post them up.

I forgot my phone when I went up Mission Peak…

We both got sunburnt and I have a shorts tan now…