Random Fact #27

I have never seen Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or Indiana Jones.

I am currently downloading Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Indiana Jones

Random Fact #26

When I was little, I would always get stomach aches. I think it was cause my parents forced me to eat when I wasn’t hungry because they knew my bratty ass would get hungry later.

So after I “fell asleep” and my mom fell asleep, I would go into my dad’s room and complain about my stomach ache. He assumed I was hungry so he’d always make me a hardboiled egg.

It got to the point where I would fake stomach aches because I fucking loved eggs. And my dad would just supervise me while I made it, but he’d always get mad when I undercooked it into a soft boiled egg.

I just thought of this when I was watching old episodes of MasterChef

Random Fact #25:

After mastering the art of using a lighter.

I fucking burn my finger.

Random Fact #24:

I Have a Weird Fear of Lighters…

I’m scared that I will burn my finger when I use it

Conquered a Fear Today. HAH

August 31, 2011:// Day 65:

One random fact about yourself

I totally don’t have something like that I do from time to time.

Random Fact #23:

I’m pro-choice.

Because some people are too young and stupid to have a child. 

Random Fact #22:

I hate it when people come in my room and move everything around/take things without asking.

My room is messy, but it’s the kind of messy where I know where everything is.

Random Fact #21:

I’ve been sleeping extremely late.

Not because I still feel like I’m a badass when I stay up past 2.

But because I can’t sleep.

Random Fact #20:

I don’t wear shorts often because my legs are extremely dry and I scratch a lot.


I have hella scabs and rash marks on my legs. Who’s jealous?

Random Fact #19:

When I PMS, I inhale everything in my house and take multiple trips to the grocery store for more food….

When I PMS, I eat like there’s no tomorrow.

When I PMS, I eat like I can’t gain weight.

Random Fact #18:

I’m secretly really nice.

Random Fact #17:

I’m the weird kid who picks at their scabs.

Random Fact (more of a rant) #16:

I used to be obsessed with Asian Dramas, mostly Japanese and Korean (I never really liked the Chinese ones because they pissed me off… even though I am Chinese…)

Like the really pathetically bad but good ones.

Like the ones where the main character magically gets cancer then miraculously gets better but her lover gets hit by a bus and gets amnesia but after a crazy turn of events, they’re finally united again.

And because of my obsession, I started to believe my life was a korean drama.

But I stopped because finding english subtitles on Asian dramas was muy hard, but now that Hulu has one of my all time favorite dramas, MY LIFE IS COMPLETE

If you’re wondering, my favorites so far are:

Boys Before Flowers (Japanese and Korean version. I saw Japanese version first so my loyalty stays with them, but the Korean version has hotter guys.)
My Girl
Hana Kimi (Amazingly I watched Japanese and Chinese version, but my loyalty is with Japanese)
Atashinchi no Danshi

And others. I’m sorry for the random spamage.. I just got excited….

Random Fact #15:

I have always wanted a girl mohawk.

Don’t know what that is? 
Go youtube that shit or google images.

But I know that I can’t pull it off. But I still love it. 

Random Fact #14:

Listening to Mayday Parade makes me extremely depressed.

Random Fact # 13:

Only the people who have been inside my room know that I have stars on my ceiling right above my bed. It use to be just 10 stars, but today, they grew.